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Hi, I'm Candy


I am originally "Hongkie" means I born and breed in Hong Kong. My grand-parents are army who moved to Hong Kong and lived in "Liu's village". The area is the core of the Liu’s village, of which ancestors came originally from Fujian during the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368). It is widely believed that the Liu clan began to settle in this part of the New Territories at the end of the 16th century.

I came from big family with 6 sisters and married British husband called, Andy Clark with 2 lovely kids.


After I graduated, I launched my career in Telecom industries such as HGC, Verizon and BT, where I began my specialization in ICT solutions. That eventually led to another 7 years in big IT outsourcing and solution vendors such EMC and HP as Regional Sales Director.


Recently, I joined Hong Kong Communications Group, who focus on IoT, RFID and robotic solution, as GM to lead their R&D, sales and marketing teams in Hong Kong, China and Singapore.


Equality Meets Opportunity

As a woman who has worked for a number of years in what was once a largely male-dominated industry, I am a staunch feminist who has always believed in equality of the sexes.

My definition of equality means that both men and women have fair access to any and all job opportunities, receive equal pay in the workplace, and are not treated any differently to their counterparts of the opposite sex. This includes positive discrimination, as the idea that someone should expect to profit from their sex, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs is one that defeats the purpose of equality.

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