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500 x Hong Kong Senior citizen playing VR Cyber Game break Guinness World Record

Candy Liu as event chair to lead 500 senior citizen over 65 years old playing VR games in the same time and break the Guinness World Record. As passionate about technology can help elderly train the balance, Candy is leading development team to create and produce a VR local game with all beautiful and popular HK scene in the background. All seniors will use the eyes to catch butterfly, the winner is 89 years old and caught over 90 butterfly within 15 mins.

This event also invited Guinness team to confirmed and certified break the world record. Bring a memorable memory to all participates.

Next year, Hong Kong Cyberport supported to continue run this program to train up another 300 elderly to do professional cyber game, FIFA. The first senior tournament held in professional e-sport stadium.

It is not just let the seniors to learn how to play the e-sport, it is also build their peer relationship and narrow the gap between their children and even grand-children. We will continue to support this event and train up the first professional senior cyber gamer in Asia.

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