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Candy Liu on Duangguan TV show

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Duangguan Government interview Candy Liu to share how to leverage China Greater Bay Policy to expand the technology business into SSL Duangguan.

Today Dongguan Government invited Candy Liu to do interview. Shared how Hong Kong Young women entrepreneur working in China Greater Bay Area, SSL Dongguan.

“What benefits Hong Kong people working in China Greater Bay Area? As Executive Women in Tech, what message you can give it to young generation?”

China’s State Council aims to turn Hong Kong, Macau, and its nine neighboring cities in the south of Guangdong province into an economic super-region, known as the Greater Bay Area. To assist the early-stage implementation of the Greater Bay Area and to attract more specialized talent, the Chinese government has even agreed to absorb the IIT difference between mainland China and Hong Kong, which enjoys a lower income tax rate.

World factory turning into Innovation Hub

Dongguan, known as the "world factory", has focused on innovation and development in recent years. It has developed the Songshan Lake Technology Industrial Park. Many high-tech companies have settled in successively, including Huawei and Shengyi Technology. It has established Songshan Lake as a technology center in Dongguan.

In 2010, Songshan Lake was approved by the State Council and developed into a national high-tech industrial development zone with a planned area of ​​72 square kilometers, including freshwater lakes and ecological green spaces. Li Zexiang, a teacher and founder of DJI Chairman and Founder Wang Tao, and a professor from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, set up a "Songshan Lake International Robot Industry Base" with the team in 2014 to provide startup mentors, supply chain, funding and other support to the startup team . More than 50 companies have been assisted in establishing the base so far. Candy Liu from HKC, the first Hong Kong listed company joined into Greater Bay Area. She mentioned the eco-partnership system is helped her company R&D and find many young talents here. She pointed out that the booming environment of Dongguan's manufacturing industry is conducive to the research and development of machine automation companies.

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